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Providing quality care is complicated enough, resource allocation
shouldn’t be.

We get it.

Healthcare providers are facing major challenges: treatments are becoming increasingly long, complex, and costly. Care requires the coordination of numerous resources all while dealing with labor shortages. For patients, this means longer delays. For providers, this means stress and strained resources



your cancer center's operations so that you can focus on what matters.

Automated scheduling tool
Schedule patients in seconds while bringing cost-per-patient down by optimizing your operations.

Protocol / care plan management tool
Mitigate staff turnover and safeguard knowledge by automating and digitizing workflows.

Live analytics and dashboards
Monitor your department's health at a glance and make data-based decisions.

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Within a department...
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Comprehensive cancer care platform
Manage your operations with an overview of the entire care trajectory.

Simulation tool
Bottleneck? Assess your options by predicting the future to inform strategic decisions.


Cross-departmental scheduling
Forget countless calls and emails back-and-forth; coordination between services is now done in a few clicks!

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and across departments

Achieve maximum 

operational efficiency


GrayOS is integrated in real-time with your systems. By combining the power of artificial intelligence and operations research to schedule patient appointments, the tool maximizes the capacity of your center, even in the face of impromptu events, such as a machine breaking or external crises.

+11h daily hours of treatment unlocked

Save patient and

staff time

Time is one of the most valuable commodities, whether it is your patient’s or your staff’s. GrayOS automates workflows to remove inefficient and repetitive tasks so your teams can focus on spending time with your patients.

-80% administrative burden


access to care 

Timely treatment is essential in cancer care. GrayOS predicts the future to inform the present to enable optimal management of patient priorities and reduce waiting times.

1000 days of patient delay avoided

Streamline care


Cancer care requires the coordination of multiple departments. GrayOS orchestrate appointment scheduling across each of these departments.

6 specialties coordinated

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