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the operating system for cancer care

that automates, optimizes and orchestrates the logistics of cancer care trajectories.

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Empowering cancer centers to deliver outstanding care amidst the toughest challenges.

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Increasing complexity

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Financial pressure

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Administrative burden



wait time

Discover GrayOS

We find clarity amidst complexity.
And it's not leaving when people do.

Disambiguate scheduling

➡️  Generation and standardization of your care trajectories for radiation oncology and medical oncology, with a logistics-first approach.

Safeguard clinical knowledge

➡️  Digital repository to safeguard and manage your care trajectories.

Reduce administrative burden

➡️  Lays the foundation for workflow automation.

GrayOS MedOnc care plans

Benefits of using GrayOS

More patients


Additional patients treated with the same resources

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Reduced administrative burden

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Improvement of wait times

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User satisfaction

Treat more patients 
with the same resources

GrayOS is integrated in real-time with your systems. By combining the power of artificial intelligence and operations research to schedule patient appointments, the tool maximizes the capacity of your center, even in the face of impromptu events, such as a machine breaking or external crises.


access to care 

Timely treatment is essential in cancer care. GrayOS predicts the future to inform the present and enable optimal management of patient priorities while reducing waiting times.

Save patient and

staff time

Time is one of the most valuable commodities, whether it is your patient’s or your staff’s. GrayOS automates workflows to remove inefficient and repetitive tasks so your teams can focus on what matters.

Streamline care


Cancer care requires the coordination of multiple departments. GrayOS orchestrates care trajectories across the various silos (radiation oncology, medical oncology, pharmacy, labs, medical visits, ..)

🚀 Supercharge your EHR / OIS 🚀

How does GrayOS stand out from other scheduling solutions?

  • Live, automated scheduling through a bidirectionnal interface with the center's EHR / OIS

  • Specifically designed for oncology: Automated concurrent treatment scheduling and integration with physicians schedules to streamline coordination

  • Generated schedules account for patients preferences while maximizing resource utilization and balancing workload

  • Prediction of radiation therapy treatment duration to maximize throughput

  • Intelligent rescheduling when a machine breaks or cancellations occur to improve management of delays

How does GrayOS work with your systems?

  • Acts as a logistics layer that sits on top of your EHR / OIS

  • Live integration with all EHR / OIS

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment

Join a community of innovative operations leaders in oncology

Jessica Bédard, head nurse,


"I love this tool... We would have never made it through this staff shortage period without GrayOS"

Anita Vloet,

Princess Margaret Cancer Center

"Working with Gray was a great experience.  Their expertise and professionalism helped us to successfully implement GrayOS in our department efficiently and effectively.  Their commitment to understanding our needs and providing innovative solutions made the process not only successful, but enjoyable."

Kathy Malas,
Chief of innovation and AI, CHUM

"GrayOS is very popular at CHUM now. The time savings have been enormous. When you can reinvest this much time in caring for patients, it’s a big deal."
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