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Unlocking efficiency in infusion therapy through
AI-powered scheduling

Empowering admin staff and operations leaders
to do more with less

Standardized medical oncology care plan templates

Laying the groundwork for automation and safeguarding knowledge.

Automated patient appointment (consult, labs, PICClines, ...) and daily roster scheduling to reduce administrative burden and reduce patient delays.

Operational dashboards and predictive analytics

Live monitoring and prediction of volumes / wait times to proactively right-size your resources (staff, operating hours, ...)

GrayOS MedOnc scheduler
Step 1: Standardize care plans

Key results

More patients


Additional patients treated with the same resources

Reduce admin burden (1).png


Reduced administrative burden

Reduced wait times.png


Reduced time to train new clerks

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User satisfaction

🚀 Supercharge your EHR / OIS 🚀

How does GrayOS stand out?

  • Automated concurrent treatment scheduling with radiation oncology to streamline coordination

  • Level-load nurse and pharmacy workload to improve staff experience and coordination

  • Prediction of appointment duration and cancellations to maximize throughput

  • Dynamic adjustment to last-minute changes (e.g. nurse calling in sick) to increase efficiency and reduce stress

  • User-friendly and fast to reduce administrative burden

How does GrayOS work?

  • Acts as a logistics layer that sits on top of your EHR / OIS

  • Live integration with all EHR / OIS

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment

Join a community of innovative leaders in the field
of medical oncology operations

Jessica Bédard

Head nurse,


"We would have never made it through this staff shortage period without GrayOS"

Nubia Romero, 

assistant head nurse,


“Now it's very easy to create the daily roster. I don't need to spend as much time with the clerks as I used to”
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