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Our vision

At Gray, we are driven by a vision of a healthcare system where no resources are wasted. Our team of experts is united around its mission: to put technology at the service of a sustainable and equitable health system, by becoming the operating system for healthcare. We are on a journey to delivering strategic and operational excellence in cancer care for each patient, one centre at a time.

Meet The Team

Gray Oncology Solutions was founded in 2019 by two PhDs in medical Physics, André and Marc-André, and their professors, Louis-Martin, Nadia and Jan. Their goal was to solve the “last mile problem” of bringing decades of research to clinical reality.

They have now been joined by a talented team of professionals with a unique blend of technical, clinical and academic expertise.

A headshot of André Diamant

André Diamant

Co-founder & CEO

PhD Medical Physics, specialized in deep learning for outcome prediction in oncology.

A picture of Jan Seuntjens

Jan Seuntjens

Founding Advisor

Head of Medical Physics - Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Alexandre Berryman headshot

Alexandre Berryman

Data Scientist


A headshot of Marc-André Renaud

Marc-André Renaud

Co-founder & CTO

PhD Medical Physics, specialized in optimization and radiation therapy treatment planning.

A picture of Raphaèle Piot-Rolland

Raphaèle Piot-Rolland

VP Operations

Pharmacist, specialized in data-based business strategies.

Elizabeth Ourumis headshot

Elizabeth Ourumis

Head of Customer Success


A picture of Louis-Martin Rousseau

Louis-Martin Rousseau

Founding Advisor

Canada research chair in healthcare logistics (HANALOG).

Nick Tacik headshot

Nick Tacik

Principal Data Scientist


Murray Christopherson headshot

Murray Christopherson



Nadia Larhichi headshot

Nadia Lahrichi

Founding Advisor

Polytechnique Montréal - healthcare logistics.

Gat Manuel headshot

Gat Manuel

Lead Developer


Official Portrait Picture - Mubarak Yusu

Mubarak Yusuf

Sales Development And Marketing Manager


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