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Gray’s users include some of the largest hospitals in Canada, recognized globally as leaders in healthcare innovation and care delivery.

Case study
Optimizing and orchestrating patient scheduling at the CHUM's integrated cancer center

The problem
The Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM), a supra-regional hospital, is one of the largest providers in Canada and sees nearly 500,000 patients a year. The cancer center has 45 infusion chairs and 8 radiation treatment machines.

Like many cancer centers, the CHUM is facing major challenges: treatments are becoming more complex, patient volumes are increasing, amidst a labor shortage. Coordinating and scheduling care trajectories has become a labor-intensive, highly manual process, burdening staff that is already overworked. The center operates at capacity offering no margins for the increasing volumes.

The solution
GrayOS is deployed across the radiation oncology and the medical oncology departments in order to optimize, automate, and orchestrate patient scheduling workflows.
The tool was able to unlock additional capacity despite the center already operating at very high resource utilization rates. Scheduling patients now only takes a few clicks
. Staff can be easily trained as back-ups and the effect of the labor shortage is mitigated. Nurse workload balance is optimized resulting in an overall increase in staff satisfaction across booking clerks, therapists, nurses and administrators. Finally, department managers stopped operating “in the dark”, and can now make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Key results


Reduction in administrative burden


of additional capacity unlocked per day


saved each year


Potential to avoid 1000 days of patient delay per year

Clinical knowledge safeguarded :

mitigation of staffing disruptions

Improved staff satisfaction

Reduced time required to train new staff by 50%

We see such a positive impact with GrayOS that we are ready to invest any resource required to continue the partnership

Head nurse, CHUM

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