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Gray x Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center: Enhancing patient experience by optimizing the scheduling process in radiation therapy

In a Nationwide First, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Partners with Gray Oncology Solutions to Enhance Radiation Therapy through Groundbreaking Technology


Baton Rouge, Louisiana & Montréal, Québec

16 May, 2024

Gray is pleased to announce its partnership with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Louisiana’s largest cancer care organization leading the fight against cancer for more than 50 years, to enhance and streamline its cancer care operations.

New Partnership: Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

GrayOS has proved highly effective in streamlining processes in Canadian cancer care centers. According to users, it has reduced scheduling time by 80% and slashed training time for administration staff by half. By cutting down on workloads, it also helps save costs.

The collaboration will result in Mary Bird Perkins becoming the first cancer care organization in the U.S. to deploy Gray Oncology Solutions’ highly effective, workload-reducing technology. Through the use of novel software – specifically, the operating system GrayOS – patients and staff are helped by minimizing wait times and reducing administrative tasks.

The technology assists by: 

  • Scheduling appointments while automatically accounting for patients’ preferences and resource availability 

  • Empowering clinical teams to monitor operations and anticipate bottlenecks through predictive analytics and advanced dashboards

“We are excited to be the first center in the U.S. deploying this new technology,”

said Sotirios Stathakis, Ph.D., Dr. Charles M. Smith Chief of Physics, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. 

"Through this significant partnership with Gray Oncology Solutions, we believe we can greatly enhance our radiation therapy services by offering more streamlined and accessible care to cancer patients.
The partnership will help us make patient scheduling much more efficient by tailoring schedules to each patient’s needs, which will help minimize transaction times and ultimately save vast amounts of time for patients and employees alike.
This further showcases our unwavering commitment to innovation and delivering solutions, including through the use of artificial intelligence, that will complement our renowned radiation and medical physics teams.”

Montréal-based Gray Oncology Solutions brings a wealth of experience in deploying state-of-the-art technology. GrayOS draws on decades of operations research and artificial intelligence to automate and optimize the scheduling of care trajectories throughout cancer centers.

"We are immensely honored to announce Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center as our inaugural partner in the U.S."

said André Diamant, CEO of Gray Oncology Solutions.

“Our shared commitment to advancing cancer care marks a significant stride toward enhancing the treatment landscape for millions of cancer patients across the U.S.”

Read the full release on the Mary Bird Perkins website.

About Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is Louisiana’s largest cancer care organization and has been leading the fight against cancer for more than 50 years. Founded in Baton Rouge in 1971 by a group of community leaders, the Cancer Center now serves every region of Louisiana and communities across southwest Mississippi.

With the most expansive team of highly-trained oncologists leveraging innovative therapies and technologies, Mary Bird Perkins is offering the most personalized treatment options available in the Gulf South. The Cancer Center’s emphasis on community-based care allows patients to access these resources close to home. From early detection through our innovative Prevention on the Go screening and education program, to diagnosis, treatment and life after cancer, Mary Bird Perkins offers a wide array of individualized support services to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer.

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