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optimized operations in radiation oncology

Empowering admin staff and operations leaders with a dedicated
radiation oncology command center

Standardized radiation oncology care plans laying the groundwork for automation and safeguarding knowledge.

Automated patient appointment scheduling (planning, treatment, medical visit, nursing, ...) to reduce administrative burden and reduce patient delays.

Live patient volumetry prediction to proactively right-size the resources (staff, operating hours, ...)

GrayOS RadOnc scheduling
Step 1: Care plans standardization


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Join a community of innovative leaders in the field
of radiation oncology operations

Anita Vloet, Princess Margaret Cancer Center

"Working with Gray was a great experience.  Their expertise and professionalism helped us to successfully implement GrayOS in our department efficiently and effectively.  Their commitment to understanding our needs and providing innovative solutions made the process not only successful, but enjoyable."

Caroline Parent, CHUM

“ Throughout the journey, Gray has been a partner who has been listening to our needs, here to help solve our challenges, and answer our questions. Their strongest quality is their understanding of our environment and our oncology department. It made things more efficient.”
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